Saint Mont, village of the canton of RISCLE, included in 2001 with thirteen other municipalities in community of municipalities around the administrative centre of canton, RISCLE, at first. It was the community of municipalities of Monts et Vallées de l'Adour or C.C.M.V.A. Then in a second time, this community of municipalities included with the community of municipalities Terres d'Armagnac ( AIGNAN) to become the community of municipalities Armagnac Adour including twenty five municipalities.

Community of Municipalities - Presentation of the CCAA

Situated on the West by the department of the Gers, the CCAA is the crossroads between Atlantic Pyrenees, Landes and Hautes-Pyrenees. It opens on Chalosse and Bearn beyond Adour which crosses it offering the Atlantic Ocean and Pyrenees and all their wealth at one o'clock of road. This geographic situation of the CCAA positions this territory near the regional main trunk roads: TARBES, PAU, AUCH, TOULOUSE; and at 45mn or 1 o'clock of the airports of Tarbes and Pau.

This heart of Gascony, gets organized around economic activities mainly connected to the agriculture, in particular its wine sector offering the vineyards of saint-Mont, Madiran and Pacherenc, its gastronomy, its storekeepers and artisans and its companies such as Aérolis, Vivadour, Metaleco, Plaimont...

The Community of Municipalities Armagnac Adour collects twenty five municipalities and account 7500 inhabitants. It is a part of three communities of

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 municipalities gersoises having joined the interlocal structure of the Country of the Val d' Adour. 

The intercommunalité is a relevant means for the organization of our territory. It has vocation to meet the needs of collective organization within a coherent territory " of pond of life ". It has to allow to realize economies of scale for certain services and certain missions (garbage dump, schools, economic, social and tourist development): a better local management. The dispersal and the weakness of the financial means which our rural districts have do not allow more either the conception, or the financing of expensive projects, indispensable to any durable development.
It is not a question of abolishing municipalities but of bringing them to collaborate and to think between them. The community of municipalities, nobody disputes it, appears to be the best solution to look to the municipalities of the means of developpement without striking a blow at their identity.

The Community of the Municipalities Armagnac Adour, created in January, 2013 substitutes itself for the municipalities for the management of different competence such as:

  • the regional development
  • the economic development
  • the tourism and the communication
  • the garbage dump schools and activities "out of school"
  • the domestic garbage
  • the social

The foundation of the intercommunalité is to mutualize the resources of the municipalities to be able to achieve local projects of development, necessary for the preservation of the populations and for the life in rural areas.


Every competence is the object of the creation of a committee which includes a part of the elected members of the Community and which in to analyze, to manage and to set up actions of development on the whole territory of the CCAA.

The work of committees is examined by the community council which includes all the mayors and the delegates of every municipality, and which validate the decision by a consideration, a point of departure of the implementation of an action or the realization of a project.


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