Eleven local councillors were elected during the municipal elections of March 23rd and 30th, 2014 (in fact on March 23rd, because a single tour (ballot) was enough).

Equipe municipale 2014


First name NAME Job Observations
Michel PETIT School inspector Outgoing councillor
Joël BOUEILH  Farmer Outgoing councillor
Christine COURTADE Maternelle school assistant  
Sébastien FAURE Farmer Outgoing councillor
Jean-Pierre JEGUN Foreman in building Outgoing councillor
Nathalie HARDUYA Hairdresser  
Geneviève LABORDE Retired Outgoing councillor
Isabelle LABRUFFE Pharmacy employee Outgoing councillor
Nathalie LAPORTE Farmer  
Murielle RIGAUD Farmer  
Christian  TOLLIS Retired Outgoing councillor


These eleven elected representatives developed an action plan for period 2014 - on 2020 which you can download here:

By clicking you download under pdf the municipal action plan on 2008 2014


But you can also download their declaration of principles:

Finally, find the reports of town councils in the Petit saint-Montais, the magazine of the foyer rural !

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