After more than four years of study, the municipal map (carte communale) of Saint Mont is finally approved by the services of the prefecture. By clicking the logo, you can download the order of the Prefect.



The municipal map is a document of town planning very important for a village because it is a question of separaitng the building zones of business parks and natural zones. It is the stake which was taken by this municipal team to arrive at a consensus on the housing environment of tomorrow. Certainly, the zones of housing environment are tightened but the State not more houses spread according to the countryside. Some natural disasters (storms, floods) call back how much it is difficult to help people on a too much important perimeter, how much it is difficult to connect again easily the water, the electricity, the telephone...


In the building zones, the planning certificate which you will put down will automatically be accepted (but you are not exempted of making a request). In the natural zones, except some particular cases as a farmer on his lands, any construction will be forbidden from now on.


Go through the document and discover the various building zones of Saint Mont.



Of course, during the openning hours of city office, you can consult the original document.