They took place on March 20th and 27th, 2011 (ballot in two tours(towers,ballots)). The member of General Council of the canton of outgoing RISCLE is Guy DARRIEUX, a mayor of Riscle, President of community of communes of Mounts and Valleys of Adour.

On February 23rd, 2011, was raised(drawn up) the list of the candidates with their order number:


  Councillor Substitute Politic party
1 Guy DARRIEUX Marie-Thérèse DUFAU Parti Socialiste
2 Agnès MAILLARD Yves IMBERT Les Alternatifs


The ballot is two tours and for a single member. However, the first tour (in March 20th, 2011) saw the election of the present incumbent, Guy DARRIEUX (PS) with about 80 % of the valid votes. There was thus no second tour  on Sunday, March 27th, 2011 in the canton of RISCLE.

If you want more information on the canton of RISCLE, find the sheet of statistics of the INSEE (NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR STATISTICS AND ECONOMIC STUDIES) – Sorry for our English readers, but it’s in French - 




Is it about an error that to write departmentales instead cantonales ? Not at all ! The territorial reform planned to change the mode of election of our representatives for the department of the Gers. So, if the cantonal elections planned to elect a member of General Council to sit in AUCH, the departmental elections lean on a new organization of cantons (Ex-canton of RISCLE and ex-canton of AIGNAN is combined in the canton of the ADOUR GERSOISE - with some transfers of municipalities) and see two councillors appointed to sit in AUCH : a man and a woman. It is the first equal ballot in France. On 34 departmental councillors, 17 will be men and 17 will be women.

The elections will take place on Sunday, March 22nd ( first tour) and on Sunday, March 29th, 2015 ( second tour).

Two binomials are officially candidate:

Binomial number 1:

Marc PAYROS Philippe DUFAU

Binomial number 2 :

Christophe TERRAIN Lambert GIYSBERT

If the number of subscribers who will vote on Sunday, March 22nd is sufficient, there will be necessarily an elected binomial if it realizes 50 % of the valid votes, the votes coming from at least 25 % of the registrated electors.